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New CodeWeavers Dealcodes Save 30 percent off CrossOver

The folks over at CodeWeavers have given us some new dealcodes. :) A dealcode is coupon code that can be used in their online store. The new dealcodes are “Solstice2012″ this dealcode is good for a 30% discount on CrossOver Linux and Mac This dealcode is valid only until 12/23/2012.

The second dealcode is “CxForMe” this dealcode is good for a 15% discount on CrossOver for Mac and Linux. The third dealcode is “WinOnUnix” and it will get you a 10% discount on any product in their store.

Feel free to share these dealcodes with your family and friends via twitter, FaceBook, Google +, your blog or website etc. etc.

Link to CodeWeavers

Wine 1.4-rc6 Released

The Wine development release 1.4-rc6 is now available.

What’s new in this release:

  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Bugs fixed in 1.4-rc6:

3325 Time Adjuster’s toolbar stays always on top
4084 SonicStage 3.1 installer fails with ‘Windows version not supported’
5897 PixelFormat_DD2WineD3D Unknown Pixelformat
8166 notepad does fully not display long (>32K) one-line files
8495 missing graphic objects in Re-volt
10176 rFactor Dedicated not working anymore after update
11430 Applications based on CodeJock Software ToolkitPro fail with division by zero
12212 DeusEx: running at big resolutions result in screen shift&crop
12739 Improper drawing of radio buttons
13248 Multiple Error MessageBoxes in Incomedia Website X5 installer
13792 Abomination: The Nemesis Project Crashes at startup
14769 Firefox 3 window size isn’t restored after returning from fullscreen (dogfood)
16189 Google Earth install fails (service related)
17564 7-zip file manager interface selection problem
17723 Audiosurf: unable to fill textfields
18569 TeamViewer: App doesn’t start, probably heap corruption
19106 Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith: Stage backgrounds aren’t always rendered properly
19159 Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars hangs at splash screen
21019 Igor pro “Help brower” has no window decorations
21745 Magic Workstation: icons and some text appear upside-down
21981 Igor Pro: Drop-down menu only works when arrow key is pressed
21984 Glumbuster crashes on load
22216 Problem with freopen(“CONOUT$”, “w”, stdout);
22359 Wolfenstein water displays strange rays
22414 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – full screen window does not take focus
22558 Harbinger (demo) graphical issue: green artefacts around objects
22703 Running Galcon Fusion demo gives error message
22842 Can’t select screen mode / resolution on PSOBB and PSU
22987 Irfan view – “Can’t paste image from clipboard !”
24259 World of Warcraft in Windowed/Maximized OpenGL mode takes 100% cpu
24267 Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku: Don’t draw some sprites.
24695 Saira crashes when fullscreen mode is selected
25164 Sound dies on video in binkplay 1.0 after mouse has been moved outside window/video paused
25324 GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0×502) on x86_64 installations.
25447 Men of War does not let me select anti-aliasing options
26416 Fullscreen problems with Phantasy Star Online
26613 painkiller redemption steam mouse wheel not working
26872 Cannot create new profile in Dawn of War demo
27220 Internet Explorer 8 always show error message on startup
27293 PSO:BB – Cannot type a character name during character creation
27609 GTA Vice City hangs in initial menu
28087 foobar 2000: Crashes when editing tags (with configured media library)
28598 ArchiCAD 12: crashes when creating a new file or open an existing one
28801 stack_set_frame_internal passes undefined value into SymSetContext()?
29167 Star Wars The Old Republic launcher locks up on icon highlighting
29689 Crash wincfg on graphics tab with LC_ALL=ja_JP
29869 Re-Volt is missing an HUD element
29883 Games created with RPG Tkool VX Ace (Japanese version of RPG Maker VX Ace): can not write save data (Save*.rvdata2)
29949 PAF (Personal Ancestral File) help viewer unhandled page fault
29981 Galactic Civilizations 2 is unplayable due to possible severe memory leak
29992 Rally Trophy: crashes on startup when Logitech G25 plugged in
30038 Detect CPU speed by using sysctl “hw.clockrate” instead of “dev.cpu.0.freq”
30040 comctl32/monthcal test fails on leap years?
30053 Finale 2012 font spacing is too wide

CodeWeavers CrossOverNow 30% off sale

Codeweavers offers downloads of its Crossover Games for $39.95 and Crossover Professional for $69.95 but if you apply coupon code “CrossOverNow” this will drop CrossOver Games to $27.96 And Crossover Professional to $48.96 That’s 30% off the normal retail selling price.

This dealcode expires on 02/26/12 so if you need CrossOver Games this is a good time to buy it…..

Update 12/20/2012 : You can now use CxForMe and get 15% off CrossOver.

CrossOver enables you to install Windows applications and games on Intel-based Macs and Linux. CodeWeavers also has unsupported builds for FreeBSD and Solaris. To get the FreeBSD or Solaris build you will need to buy a Linux license and then go to your downloads and select the unsupported tab.

The new and improved CodeWeavers CrossOver version 11.0.0 will soon be released, So if you need a Windows Application or Games to run on Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD or Solaris this is your chance to get it at 30% off the normal selling price. All you need to do is purchase CrossOver 10 now and in a couple short weeks CrossOver 11 will be released then simply update to version 11 when it’s released. Below is a screenshot of CX 11 thats now in active beta testing.

CrossOver 11 contains many fixes to existing applications, and just generally makes the product better. As of this writing CrossOver 11 has been merged with the upcoming Wine 1.4 release and contains many improvements for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Quicken, PhotoShop and many other supported and none supported applications.

To get CrossOver at 30% off the normal selling price just enter the code into the special deals section in the store and then click on update and see your 30% off discount.

Special Deals

If you have received a code for a special deal, enter it here, then update your shopping cart. If the deal specifies that there is a second item, you will need to add that to the cart in order to get the deal.

Keep in mind this sale is for one week only and will end on 02/26/12 so take advantage of it while you can.

Update 12/20/2012 : You can now use CxForMe and get 15% off CrossOver.

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming Crossover Professional 11.0 (UI) user interface.

Bordeaux 75% off sale

The Bordeaux Technology Group is proud to announce a 75% off sale on Bordeaux for Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, PCBSD and OpenIndiana. With the new reduced price we hope more people will have the opportunity to use Bordeaux and Wineskin Pro to run their favorite Windows applications and Games.

Bordeaux for Linux , BSD , Mac and OpenIndiana will cost only $4.99 during this sale.The price of Wineskin Pro has also been reduced from the normal selling price of $29.95 to only $4.99!

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CrossOver Games 10.2.0 for Linux and Mac has been released

CodeWeavers has released a maintenance update for CrossOver Games, version 10.2.0 change log with some of the many changes made in this releases is provided below.

Change Log For CrossOver Games

10.2.0 CrossOver Games

  • Worked around the ‘backwards elbow’ bug in Rift on Lion.
  • Fixed behavior of Plants vs. Zombies in windowed mode.
  • Improved loading and play of Portal 2.
  • Fixed ‘Add a Character Friend’ behavior in StarCraft 2.
  • Fixed the Perfect World International launcher.
  • Added a ‘steamid’ tag to the CrossTie format. This allows a CrossTie to install and detect games via Steam.

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Play RIFT on Mac and Linux


You are not in Azeroth anymore! Ever since the March 1, 2011 release of RIFT, Mac and Linux users have secretly wondered if they would be let into the World of Telara. Wonder no more dear Mac and Linux users, CodeWeavers heard your silent cries. And thus, unveils the CrossTie file for all to have. With CrossOver Games 10.1 you too can roam the Planes of Telara with your fellow Windows friends. What side will you pledge your loyalties to-the Guardians or the Defiant? What class will you choose? What role? Could it be that RIFT is the new WOW (World of Warcraft)?

Wineconf 2011 dates and location has been set

Wineconf 2011 will be held in Minneapolis Minnesota this year and hosted by CodeWeavers Inc. If you would like to help support Wineconf 2011 this would be a good time to make a donation to the WPF or purchase a product from Codeweavers.

Below is a copy of the announce e-mail that Jeremy White sent to the Wine Development mailing list.

Hi Folks,

We have made arrangements for this year’s WineConf to happen in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2. Minneapolis is the little known other city of the Twin Cities across the river from our home town, St. Paul. I’ve put some preliminary information up on the Wiki:

We thought that this year it would be fun to stay in downtown Minneapolis, as there is quite a bit to do there.

Further, at that time of year, the weather has a good chance of being beautiful, so it will hopefully be a great time for all. I checked, and only very rarely has it been below freezing on October 1 . (Seriously, it’s usually very nice. Really. Trust me).

If you are interested in WineConf, and have contributed to Wine, but are not sure if you can afford the travel costs, please write to me. The Wine Party Fund is used mostly to defray travel costs these days and we may be able to help.

Note that most further communication will happen on the wineconf mailing list; if you’re interested, you should subscribe.

If you’re coming, please hit the RSVP page:

Hope to see you in Minneapolis!


CodeWeavers Affiliate program is now open to the public


Owners or Webmasters of Linux, Mac and BSD centric sites are invited at this time to take advantage of CodeWeavers Affiliate program and earn 20% commissions.

The CodeWeavers Affiliate Program helps turn visits to your site into revenue for you. Place links to their products on your website, and when a visitor follows those links to and completes a qualifying purchase, you will earn a commission.

New winetricks 20110311b released


Dan Kegel released winetricks 20110311b this release is a bug fix release with many new features and 70 games added.

Changes since winetricks-20110123
(for anyone who has not been using the alpha versions):

  • manages multiple wineprefixes
  • apps are now installed into separate wineprefixes by default
  • gui now split into separate pages for games, benchmarks, apps, dlls, fonts
  • gui now shows approximate disk requirement and install times
  • gui now lets you pick silent installation mode
  • apps that are broken (e.g. have drm that wine can’t handle) are
  • now hidden by default, gui has a button to reveal them
  • 70 games added, including Dragon Age II demo, Starcraft II demo, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 2 demo, Call of Duty
  • Many updates and bugfixes

Changes since winetricks-alpha-20110310:

  • mdac25, mdac27 removed, as downloads no longer available
  • mdac28: updated to sp1
  • sizes/times in gui updated. (Most show download + install time; a future release will show just install time.)