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Steam for linuX enters beta phase

News translated from holarse:

It is really going to happen. Valve started the beta phase of the steam linux client. From 60000 applications they chose a number of users and gave them access to the steam-client running on Ubuntu 12.04. They plan to add other distributions and to add more users to the beta-phase.

The first game running on the linux-beta is Team Fortress 2.

Valve will announce further news on this link.

I hope that this will be the beginning of the breakthrough of linuX as gaming platform. We all knew that linuX is totally suited for online gaming – now the masses will hopefully realize this as well.

Pressinformation on the way back to the roots

Hello linuX-gamers,

as you may know started as a gaming community page and developed into one of the main news resources about linuX games and gaming on a linuX operating system.

As playing under linuX has become sort of “mainstream” and the flow of real news on is not really present I plan to revert this page back to a Multi-Gaming page and I would like to get your input.

My idea was to make the project as open as possible so when you already have a group of people that play under linuX you could just join and unite with other groups under one hood.

A longterm goal is to organize linuX-LAN-Parties again and to be present on the important exhibitions.

Feel free to comment and discuss.



Join the Debian Games-Screenshot-Party


Benjamin Peter reports:

“Debian is calling for your help to bring a more user and game friendly image to debian and ubuntu by organizing a games screenshot party.

What is this?” You are asking?

Well, see the announcement on debian-devel-games:

“The main theme of the party will be Screenshots; making sure that all game packages which should reasonably have a screenshot, has one.

Of course, this is only a theme, and if you want to work on any other
aspect of the games packages, feel free to do so, and join the party!” ”

Seems to be a perfect spot for a linuX-gamer to help :)


Thanks Ben for this hint.

“Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul” on the RISE – Version released

Homepage | Download 32Bit Download 64Bit | Savage2 Community Page

After S2Games gave a group of volunteers permission to maintain and update “Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul” on their own – that team now released their second and third hotfix.

Here is what you can find in versions and

  • Two new maps (MirChul by Dark_Strider and Akamrostu by Envor)
  • Long overdue bugfixes (Sentry bats of the beast horde can now reveal electric eyes)
  • New Tutorial System to ease the learning curve for beginners
  • Eyecandy (spawn effects for hellbourne units, persitant items now summon a colored groundsprite effect for as long as their effects last)
  • and NUMEROUS bugfixes.

You can find the complete changelog here.

As a second important step Savage 2 is now also being hosted at Desura.

Desura  is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers – like you might know from Steam – but Desura already supports linuX and there are rumors that MAC might be included soon.

All this results in a slowly but steady increasing playerbase which will hopefully will help Savage 2 to get recognized by the masses.

Here is a short video what you can expect from Savage 2:

What is Savage2 all about? – Mod DB