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New CodeWeavers Dealcodes Save 30 percent off CrossOver

The folks over at CodeWeavers have given us some new dealcodes. :) A dealcode is coupon code that can be used in their online store. The new dealcodes are “Solstice2012″ this dealcode is good for a 30% discount on CrossOver Linux and Mac This dealcode is valid only until 12/23/2012.

The second dealcode is “CxForMe” this dealcode is good for a 15% discount on CrossOver for Mac and Linux. The third dealcode is “WinOnUnix” and it will get you a 10% discount on any product in their store.

Feel free to share these dealcodes with your family and friends via twitter, FaceBook, Google +, your blog or website etc. etc.

Link to CodeWeavers

War for the Overworld started on Kickstarter

Bo Fjord Jensen messaged me about the game.

Hi Linux-Gamers!
I’m involved in a project called War for the Overworld, which is a
spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper and we recently launched on

Currently we have a trailer featuring Richard Ridings as the narrator,
and we hope top get him on board as part of our stretch goals.

Another nice thing we have is a playable showcase of War for the
Overworld. Where you take control of a Blood Imp in order to explorer
the dungeon. There isn’t any gameplay in it just yet, but it runs on



Best regards
Bo Fjord Jensen
Subterranean Games

Road Rebel

Jason Asbahr dropped me a message about the game Road Rebel:

Hi folks,

Here’s some info on our crowd-funded and crowd-developed project, Road
Rebel, if you’d like to share it with your community:

Road Rebel is a real battle of the bands — a crowd developed, open
source, online car combat game with badass vehicles custom designed
for rock legends like Rob Zombie, Motörhead, Pussy Riot, and more.
Each has their own car loaded with an arsenal of band-inspired
pyrotechnic weapons. Blast their music tracks while you blast your
friends online in epic rock-themed battle arenas, competing in the
ultimate destruction derby.

My team and I knew that no publisher in their right mind would let us
do what we wanted with our game Road Rebel. Like: Release it on
GNU/Linux first? Run a live “crowd development” effort and bring in
gamers as decision makers and designers? Releasing all the source to
the game — while we are building it? And include uncensored music
from our favorite bands, like Rob Zombie and Pussy Riot? Hell no.

That’s why we took this project to to the players. By supporting the
project, backers can become game developers and directly influence the
outcome of the project.

What else is cool? With it’s unique tech, Road Rebel uses procedural
generation techniques to drives blur effects, weather, rate of weapons
fire, timing of missile to hit targets, even terrain warping and time
distortion. It is a a psychedelic heavy metal rock opera on wheels.

And we’ve created outrageous rock-and-roll style rewards like
partying with the Texas Roller Derby Girls, shooting machine guns, and
crushing cars with real armored tanks.

Find out more here:


Jason Asbahr, CEO
Monstrous Company


Melbourne – November 30, 2012 – As another year comes to an end, it is time once again to begin our search for the Players Choice Independent Game of the Year.

After amassing a staggering 61,000 votes in 2011 which resulted in Terraria being crowned the eventual winner (Minecraft won in 2010), voting booths have been added to all game profiles on IndieDB. It is now up to the players to click the “vote” button and help us crown 2012′s best.

Scott Reismanis, the Founder of IndieDB, commented “this is always our favorite time of the year, watching the nominations pour in, with the leaders usually only separated by a handful of votes. We cannot wait to unveil the Top 100 in 12 days and of course the No. 1 at the end of December. With some many games deserving of attention and accolades – we expect the outcome in 2012 to be interesting.”

Until January 1st join us in celebrating all that is great about our beloved independent developers by participating and voting to decide the top 100, and the overall ultimate winner.

Indie of the Year Awards

More information about the Indie of the Year can be found at:

We are also running our 11th Annual Mod of the Year (108,000 votes last year!!) at: and for the first time an App of the Year at:

Media Enquiries

Scott Reismanis

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How to Recover Files by CF Card Recovery

Hi, guys, long time not to see you. Today I will take a classic case of column to you. It is about how to recover files by CF Card Recovery. As We are known that the CF Card (Compact Display Card) is a well-known flash electronic storage space. The abilities are usually from 128 MB to 64 GB. CF cards has a bigger dimension when in contrast to other storage space kinds such as SD, SmartMedia, MemoryStick, and xD Image Cards. But usually, it has a cheaper per MB and quicker rate. Therefore, it is still commonly used by cameras.

 Ok, we started.

 Mr Green, A professional photographer, tell us that he has done a very bad thing last Sunday. He was be invited to shoot a series of model Photos for a local fashion magazine. And these photos will be ready to use at the next week news conference. It takes Green a lot of time to complete the shooting. When the night, Mr Green was go home for dinner and the camera was put on the sofa smoothly. When he finished the dinner. What happened ? His little son was play the camera as a toy. So, you know, things always happened by accident. The little boy have accidently deleted the most important photos that Mr Green have EVER taken. It makes Mr Green so worried.

 As the photos will be use Imminent, So, Mr Green search for help on the internet immediately, at last he find us and tell the whole process to our customer service. By on, People always want to make up the wrong things for timely. So them always make some counterproductive things instead. But fortunately, Mr Green was not did the things which he uncertain.

 We suggested he use the CF Card Recovery software, as Mr Green is not save CF Card Recovery program on the memory cards where he lost his digital photos. Secondly, to avoid overwrite the lost photos, Green isn’t save the recovered photos into the original disk where he loss them in his camera again. Files recovery come easy.

 Firstly, install and launch the CF Card Recovery in your computer. Then connect your digital camera on the computer.

After connecting, you need to select the digital camera where you loss photos and click the “Start Scan” button to start scanning to pick up the lost digital camera photos. You need to make sure that all the formats of your lost photos are selected here.

Then, Select the output folder. And start scan. Just finished.

 Ok, it’s over, the photos get back and if you have some problem, welcome to ask me, I will do my best to help you and I will wait for you all the time. (The more:

Airline Tycoon Deluxe has landed in the Ubuntu Software Center

Bussiness Simulation “Airline Tycoon Deluxe” has finally landed in the
Ubuntu Software Center. This classic Tycoon game, originally developed
for the PC by Spellbound, was ported to OSX and iOS earlier and is now
available for Ubuntu Users through the Software Center for USD 14,99.

About the game
Airline Tycoon Deluxe is a funny economy simulation proceeding in
realtime and assigning you the complete responsibility for an airline.
However, don’t be fooled by the funny comic style or the included
jokes: A variety of tasks are requested and your competitors never
miss a chance to set a trap for you in order to put a spoke in your

Your abilities are put to the test continuously playing Airline Tycoon
Deluxe: Will you be able to use your aeroplanes to capacity and land
some profitable charter flights? Can you establish routes for
lucrative scheduled flights? Aeroplanes cost millions; will you be
capable of increasing the share price and obtaining enough funds by
the issuing of securities?

Can you stand up for the construction of new aeroplanes in your role
as an engineer? Are you able to avoid your competitors’ deceitful
attacks? Accept this unusual challenge and win virtual laurels with
Airline Tycoon. The deluxe version contains 20 new airports as well as
new opportunities. It is as interesting for professional tycoons as
for beginners.

- Funny economy simulation in comic style
- Complete freedom of action and freedom to move within the airport
facilities and more than 30 places to be visited
- Control of all parts of management: purchase of aeroplanes and their
fittings, financing as well as stock market listing, planning of
routes and filling order books, personnel, marketing and maintenance
as well as many other details
- Easily operated construction of own aeroplanes
- Use additional security precautions against competitors’ attacks
or sabotage competitors yourself

How to Convert M4P to MP3 on Mac OS X

As we are knowing that the M4P files have copy protection. So, if you want to play those songs on other devices except iPad, iPhone, iPod,
and authorized Mac computers, it seems that impossible. But the situation is different, if we circumvent the protection and successfully convert the files to an open format like MP3. In this article, I’ll show you how to convert M4P to MP3 on Mac OS X with M4P to MP3 Converter for Mac. After M4P to MP3 conversion, you can get the most out of your M4P files.
Below is the detailed guide on how to convert M4P to MP3 in iTunes step by step.

Step 1. Launch the “M4P to MP3 Converter for Mac”

Step 2. Open iTunes on your computer and select the M4P files which you want to convert.

Step 3. Select output format and output folder in the bottom of the main window.

Step 4. After finishing all the settings, Click “Convert” Icon and begin to convert iTunes music on Mac OS X.
When the conversion is finished, you can play the converted unprotected music in iTunes, or play on non-Apple portable devices such as Creative zen, iRiver, PSP, HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, and android tablets, etc.

Now you can preview the converted files and try it right now!

Steam for linuX enters beta phase

News translated from holarse:

It is really going to happen. Valve started the beta phase of the steam linux client. From 60000 applications they chose a number of users and gave them access to the steam-client running on Ubuntu 12.04. They plan to add other distributions and to add more users to the beta-phase.

The first game running on the linux-beta is Team Fortress 2.

Valve will announce further news on this link.

I hope that this will be the beginning of the breakthrough of linuX as gaming platform. We all knew that linuX is totally suited for online gaming – now the masses will hopefully realize this as well.



Giving mobile game developers a place to promote their creations

Melbourne – October 19, 2012 – After months of stealth development the creators of, and have announced the launch of a developer driven mobile games news site.

With so much noise and content in the mobile gaming space, it is hard for developers of new IP to reach fans. When asked what can be done, Scott Reismanis the Founder of SlideDB commented “At the moment mobile developers are mostly at the mercy of app-store top charts and editor curated blogs, both of which allow little control. We hope to change this by putting the creators in control and providing another way of connecting with potential fans via SlideDB.”

n the mobile space there needs to be more ways to reach players interested in the game you’ve built without being dependent on paid ads, reviews and befriending the right people. “With and reaching over 200,000+ readers daily, we’ve already had great success helping independent developers showcase their work. And with so many mobile games all competing for the few “top chart slots” available – it makes sense for us to expand our network.” stated Scott Reismanis. Developers interested in sharing what they are creating, and players interested in discovering up and coming mobile games encouraged to start interacting via SlideDB today.

Media Enquiries

Scott Reismanis

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Mobile and tablet have opened up a new world of gaming anywhere and everywhere you want. You can slide, tap, shake and play all manner of games from family friendly educational titles to adventurous classics. On Slide DB we give developers a community they can share their ideas with and showcase the work they are doing, beyond the basic app stores and the highly contested “top charts”. For more information please visit