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“Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul” on the RISE – Version released

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After S2Games gave a group of volunteers permission to maintain and update “Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul” on their own – that team now released their second and third hotfix.

Here is what you can find in versions and

  • Two new maps (MirChul by Dark_Strider and Akamrostu by Envor)
  • Long overdue bugfixes (Sentry bats of the beast horde can now reveal electric eyes)
  • New Tutorial System to ease the learning curve for beginners
  • Eyecandy (spawn effects for hellbourne units, persitant items now summon a colored groundsprite effect for as long as their effects last)
  • and NUMEROUS bugfixes.

You can find the complete changelog here.

As a second important step Savage 2 is now also being hosted at Desura.

Desura  is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers – like you might know from Steam – but Desura already supports linuX and there are rumors that MAC might be included soon.

All this results in a slowly but steady increasing playerbase which will hopefully will help Savage 2 to get recognized by the masses.

Here is a short video what you can expect from Savage 2:

What is Savage2 all about? – Mod DB


World Of Padman 1.5

Recently a new version of the fantastic and colorful FPS World of Padman has been released. Compared to the last release version 1.5 includes plenty of old stuff (for sure ;)) as well as tons of new content. One major novelty, that enables WoP to be a competitive eSports Shooter is the  is the Capture the Lolly gametype. As known form similar Capture the Flag modes in other games you here have to secure your Lolly and bring the opponent’s one to your own base. Several new maps for this new gametype are included aswell. New player models are available. Furthermore new sounds and items have been included and menues have been revised. The game further more features some in game help via keyboard shortcuts.