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More localized linux games


Clemens Schulz contacted me to talk about his project, the MLLG project, which is an open source project for the Linux operating system providing game installers with localized game data.

Uploading of existing Loki installers is in progress and he plans to convert stuff to Mojo installer technology.
Clemens would like you to contact him for planning future localized game installers. So give him a chance.

Planeshift 0.5.6 out


The new version of Planeshift has been released at February, 22nd.

See an excerpt of the changelog:


* A huge amount of fixes and improvements to the windowing system (paws) and mouselook management
* Improvements to weather support and fixed the option to disable weather in pslaunch.
* Fixed some issues in the char selection/creation screens which could lead to bad graphics or crashes
* Several fixes/optimizations/improvements to shaders and lights management.
* First version (BETA!) of the HotBar/quickspell bar (you can open it by typing /show quickspell and remove it with /show quickspell off ) which allows you to drag and drop spells or items in the quickbar, then click on the icons to cast the spell or use the item
* fixed a display issue which could show skills to be completely practically trained even if it wasn’t so.
* added a simple animation to pterosaur transportation load screens


* major rewrite of several parts of the background loader, which now should be more stable and faster.
* several optimizations, leak fixes and crash fixes

Quests and Factions:

* Major rework of the quests! In the past the quests were most likely one off and with little purpose. We decided to radically change the concept by creating chained series of quests with a purpose and where possible a story. So we looked at the quests we have in game and started to tie them together.
* After char creation a friend’s letter is now guiding you to the major NPCs, which will explain the associations and factions present in Hydlaa. Players can start to follow those trails and learn more about the associations/factions. This is the foundation of a complex social system based on jobs and affiliations that we continue to develop to create a more immersive roleplay experience.
* Many new quests were added, and many reworked, reaching a grand total of 320 quests!! In particular a whole new set of Magic quests is present, allowing access to bracers, robes and wands items in the different Ways of magic! (for graphics associated to those items, see the art section)


* New Amdeneir tavern! Thanks Nikodemus and zweitholou for building it!
* Added new female ynnwn wizard robe!
* Made available all bracers through Way quests
* Fixed many sounds for game areas, including gugrontid and the road to bronze doors
* several improvements to sound management (including a startup crash when the sound system failed to init)
* Improved sounds and graphical effects of many spells, including: crystal aura, invigoration, life infusion, relaxing sleep, flaming weapon, flame spire, and many more. Work is still under going to progressively improve/fix all of them.
* Improved hydlaa grass, sky and trees

World Of Padman 1.5

Recently a new version of the fantastic and colorful FPS World of Padman has been released. Compared to the last release version 1.5 includes plenty of old stuff (for sure ;)) as well as tons of new content. One major novelty, that enables WoP to be a competitive eSports Shooter is the  is the Capture the Lolly gametype. As known form similar Capture the Flag modes in other games you here have to secure your Lolly and bring the opponent’s one to your own base. Several new maps for this new gametype are included aswell. New player models are available. Furthermore new sounds and items have been included and menues have been revised. The game further more features some in game help via keyboard shortcuts.

Zero Ballistics 2.0 out now


Quanticode has released version 2.0 of this tiny tank game.

The full version features:

* Three levels set in an alpine environment
* One arena Level
* Three different main weapons, and three secondary weapons
* Six different skills
* BeaconStrike, Deathmatch and Team Deatchmatch modes
* Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE to play and OpenSource

Alien Arena 2011 released


Alien Arena version 7.50 has been released recently.

Some of the new features in this release:

  • Ragdoll physics using the Open Dynamics physics engine.
  • Revamped in-game IRC client.
  • GNU AutoTools for Linux/Unix/MacOS installation.
  • True Type Font support.
  • Two brand new maps, one revamped map.
  • New music by renowned musician Paul Joyce.
  • Bugfixes, tweaks, and much more!

Unigine Corp. announces Oilrush for Linux


Unigine Corp. announced OilRush naval strategy game for Windows, Linux and PlayStation 3. The game is based on the proprietary Unigine™ engine and is developed independently by Unigine Corp. internal team starting from 2009.

OilRush is a real-time strategy game based on the group control. It offers mechanics of a classical RTS combined with a Tower Wars genre: control construction and upgrading of production platforms as well as their defence forces, and send battle groups of naval and air units to capture enemy’s platforms and oil rig.

Challenging gameplay takes you through rushing swarms of furious enemies in every battle. The winning requires intellegent branching of technology researches and all the variety of tactics you can employ.

Multiplayer over LAN and Internet is also available in the game.