Monthly Archives: April 2011

Nikki and the robots


I received a message from Sönke Hahn from the game studio JoyRideLabs in Berlin.

They are developing their first game called Nikki and the robots.
It runs on Linux and a big part of it is free software (LGPL / CC BY-SA). Recently they have
released their first binary alpha-version of the game.
They also asked me if we could show their game at Linuxtag in Berlin in May – folks pretty sure we show you this game :)

CodeWeavers Affiliate program is now open to the public


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New winetricks 20110311b released


Dan Kegel released winetricks 20110311b this release is a bug fix release with many new features and 70 games added.

Changes since winetricks-20110123
(for anyone who has not been using the alpha versions):

  • manages multiple wineprefixes
  • apps are now installed into separate wineprefixes by default
  • gui now split into separate pages for games, benchmarks, apps, dlls, fonts
  • gui now shows approximate disk requirement and install times
  • gui now lets you pick silent installation mode
  • apps that are broken (e.g. have drm that wine can’t handle) are
  • now hidden by default, gui has a button to reveal them
  • 70 games added, including Dragon Age II demo, Starcraft II demo, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 2 demo, Call of Duty
  • Many updates and bugfixes

Changes since winetricks-alpha-20110310:

  • mdac25, mdac27 removed, as downloads no longer available
  • mdac28: updated to sp1
  • sizes/times in gui updated. (Most show download + install time; a future release will show just install time.)