True Combat Elite: News on CQB


At March, 31st 2011 the TCE team released a first alpha version of CQB.

From the original news:

Remember, you still need Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory to play CQB (also found on our downloads page under “TCE”)!

We hope you will enjoy this alpha since it was a long time in the making! Please keep in mind that this is an alpha and that there might be some bugs. Please report any errors/suggestions/feedback on our CQB forum.

Other things to note of this alpha are:

No cross hair
Most realistic iron sight, reflex sight, and scope simulation
Real ballistic tracing including bullet drop
Minimum GPU requirements: Nvidia 6800GT or ATI X800
Win and Linux only
About 300 Megs download (plus W:ET)
Only Bodycount (TDM)
One map
Game is locked to sv_pure 1 and sv_official 1

Since then a variety of patches has been released. At May, 21st they released a new map called Killhouse – reminds me at Modern Warfare :)


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