Update on linux-gamers.net

Hi there!

A little statement for the world:

Our server crashed to death and the hoster moved the hardware to /dev/null. I want to thank Nik for giving us the opportunity to be hosted on his server.

So how do we proceed: At Chemnitz Linuxtag 2010 we decided to turn our website into a blog form. So here we are. I encourage everyone interested in playing, developing, testing all kind of video games on free operating systems to keep on posting news. Just register for writing or drop me a note.

If you have some ideas onwhat you’re missing on our site inform us or tell us your opinion. Graphics will change the next days when we find the time to restore our old logos.

One thought on “Update on linux-gamers.net

  1. I would like to know more about how to improve hardware for Linux. I have been playing with distros for several years and now would like to get into gaming. My system is so old you can’t even run virtual on this machine. So it is time for an upgrade. I can go to PC Maximum magazine and find the hardware for gaming but it is always set up for windows.

    Can we start a hardware section for Linux Gamers?

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