Alien Arena 2011 7.53 released


Alien Arena 2011 version 7.53 has been released for windows and linux users! The latest version(7.53) of the open sourced, freeware deathmatch shooter features a host of updates, bugfixes, and features that improve performance as well as some new and updated content.

Some of the new features in this release:

Big performance gains on high settings.
Two new levels(ctf/tca).
Entity definition files.
DM lights server option.
Various improved effects.
CTF scoring changes.
Bot AI signifigantly improved.
Optimizations, bugfixes and more!

2 thoughts on “Alien Arena 2011 7.53 released

  1. I’ve been playing this game for a few months and I have never enjoyed a FPS as much!
    Fast gameplay, great graphics and a very friendly community that backs it. Lots of fun on several game modes like deathmatch, insta, team games like CTF and many more!
    If you like fast paced FPS, I highly recommend this game.

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