on the way back to the roots

Hello linuX-gamers,

as you may know started as a gaming community page and developed into one of the main news resources about linuX games and gaming on a linuX operating system.

As playing under linuX has become sort of “mainstream” and the flow of real news on is not really present I plan to revert this page back to a Multi-Gaming page and I would like to get your input.

My idea was to make the project as open as possible so when you already have a group of people that play under linuX you could just join and unite with other groups under one hood.

A longterm goal is to organize linuX-LAN-Parties again and to be present on the important exhibitions.

Feel free to comment and discuss.



9 thoughts on “ on the way back to the roots

    1. We had a great time before with a Counter-Strike:Source section with players that played it under wine and represented linuX in the most played online-game. As I like that game myself (from time to time) i think about including that as well.

  1. I come back to this site from time to time (and have lurked for years) as a source of interest in finding new opportunities to play games in Linux. As most of my Windows gaming requirements have finally been curbed(hopefully for a long time) I’ll need to find games and people to play them with.

    I prefered the multigaming format and I’d forsee myself becoming an active contributor if that were the case. I’ve camped out at LinuxQuestions for years and I’m just now starting to get active there as well.

  2. The idea sounds great.
    I would prefer to game natively with linux, BUT the developers of good games mostly are not interested in supporting Linux.
    Therefore i would also welcome a section with wine-baased games.
    Other questionis – is there enough stuff to manage such a project?
    is it just an idea, stony, or are there more detailed plans?

    greats from a known person years ago :-)

    1. It is my goal to do so – as the time that I had to care for Savage2 full time (full free-time) are over because the team I formed finally quit because of continued “non-cooperation” from the developers.

      So – it is more than a plan but not yet put into reality or started. I would be glad to have you on board once more :)

  3. You’re welcome – and if I can, I will help in every way.
    Sadly there is not so much free-time with me than in later days – but the free-time I have is yours.
    If you leave me an info how to reach you, I will send you my actual contact informations.

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