Papier Adventure Game for Linux launched on Kickstarter

By Matt McArdell
September 20, 2012

Melbourne, AUS – Spycraft Studios has launched Papier Adventure for
Linux on Kickstarter to support the development of an imaginative
story-driven adventure game. The target date for achieving the funding
goal is October 13, 2012.

Papier is set in a world of paper, sketches and ink with a unique
visual aesthetic for the 3D environments, and detailed attention paid
to the characters and story. Being developed in a cross-platform
manner, Papier is set to provide an exceptional game experience for a
variety of gaming platforms.

Papier is a boy who lives in a world of paper. After receiving a
mysterious letter he discovers the legends of the Arcane Library and
its books that cause everything to exist. Each person has a book that
tells their life story and most of the pages from his book have been
stolen. He sets out to find these pages before his powerful foe can
destroy them, and page by page – he discovers his true destiny.

The gameplay is a combination of adventure game and RPG elements, with
a focus on straightforward controls and employing unique interaction
for casting of magical powers and specialised puzzles.

Citing cross-platform publishing, media management, and the upcoming
character animation features of the Unity toolset as major drawcards
for streamlining the development process, Matt McArdell from Spycraft
Studios had this to say, “Unity allows us to provide Papier to
gamers without the usual platform barriers. We recently announced
support for Linux, made possible by leveraging the Linux publishing
capability in the upcoming Unity 4. The sum total of the features in
Unity allows us to focus on creating our own unique game world and
mechanics, rather than reinventing the wheel by spending a year
developing a core rendering engine and supporting tools.”

Spycraft Studios are providing project backers with access to
developer journals and a beta version of the game during the
development period.

About Spycraft Studios
Spycraft Studios is a mobile development studio based in Melbourne,
Australia with expertise including mobile games, applications, web,
and enterprise solutions.

Papier Adventure Kickstarter project page

Spycraft Studios web site

To learn more about Papier Adventure, please contact

Matt McArdell, Spycraft Studios
7A Bedford Street
Collingwood, Victoria
3066 Australia.

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