How to Recover Files by CF Card Recovery

Hi, guys, long time not to see you. Today I will take a classic case of column to you. It is about how to recover files by CF Card Recovery. As We are known that the CF Card (Compact Display Card) is a well-known flash electronic storage space. The abilities are usually from 128 MB to 64 GB. CF cards has a bigger dimension when in contrast to other storage space kinds such as SD, SmartMedia, MemoryStick, and xD Image Cards. But usually, it has a cheaper per MB and quicker rate. Therefore, it is still commonly used by cameras.

 Ok, we started.

 Mr Green, A professional photographer, tell us that he has done a very bad thing last Sunday. He was be invited to shoot a series of model Photos for a local fashion magazine. And these photos will be ready to use at the next week news conference. It takes Green a lot of time to complete the shooting. When the night, Mr Green was go home for dinner and the camera was put on the sofa smoothly. When he finished the dinner. What happened ? His little son was play the camera as a toy. So, you know, things always happened by accident. The little boy have accidently deleted the most important photos that Mr Green have EVER taken. It makes Mr Green so worried.

 As the photos will be use Imminent, So, Mr Green search for help on the internet immediately, at last he find us and tell the whole process to our customer service. By on, People always want to make up the wrong things for timely. So them always make some counterproductive things instead. But fortunately, Mr Green was not did the things which he uncertain.

 We suggested he use the CF Card Recovery software, as Mr Green is not save CF Card Recovery program on the memory cards where he lost his digital photos. Secondly, to avoid overwrite the lost photos, Green isn’t save the recovered photos into the original disk where he loss them in his camera again. Files recovery come easy.

 Firstly, install and launch the CF Card Recovery in your computer. Then connect your digital camera on the computer.

After connecting, you need to select the digital camera where you loss photos and click the “Start Scan” button to start scanning to pick up the lost digital camera photos. You need to make sure that all the formats of your lost photos are selected here.

Then, Select the output folder. And start scan. Just finished.

 Ok, it’s over, the photos get back and if you have some problem, welcome to ask me, I will do my best to help you and I will wait for you all the time. (The more:

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