Road Rebel

Jason Asbahr dropped me a message about the game Road Rebel:

Hi folks,

Here’s some info on our crowd-funded and crowd-developed project, Road
Rebel, if you’d like to share it with your community:

Road Rebel is a real battle of the bands — a crowd developed, open
source, online car combat game with badass vehicles custom designed
for rock legends like Rob Zombie, Motörhead, Pussy Riot, and more.
Each has their own car loaded with an arsenal of band-inspired
pyrotechnic weapons. Blast their music tracks while you blast your
friends online in epic rock-themed battle arenas, competing in the
ultimate destruction derby.

My team and I knew that no publisher in their right mind would let us
do what we wanted with our game Road Rebel. Like: Release it on
GNU/Linux first? Run a live “crowd development” effort and bring in
gamers as decision makers and designers? Releasing all the source to
the game — while we are building it? And include uncensored music
from our favorite bands, like Rob Zombie and Pussy Riot? Hell no.

That’s why we took this project to to the players. By supporting the
project, backers can become game developers and directly influence the
outcome of the project.

What else is cool? With it’s unique tech, Road Rebel uses procedural
generation techniques to drives blur effects, weather, rate of weapons
fire, timing of missile to hit targets, even terrain warping and time
distortion. It is a a psychedelic heavy metal rock opera on wheels.

And we’ve created outrageous rock-and-roll style rewards like
partying with the Texas Roller Derby Girls, shooting machine guns, and
crushing cars with real armored tanks.

Find out more here:


Jason Asbahr, CEO
Monstrous Company

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