CrossOver Games 10.2.0 for Linux and Mac has been released

CodeWeavers has released a maintenance update for CrossOver Games, version 10.2.0 change log with some of the many changes made in this releases is provided below.

Change Log For CrossOver Games

10.2.0 CrossOver Games

  • Worked around the ‘backwards elbow’ bug in Rift on Lion.
  • Fixed behavior of Plants vs. Zombies in windowed mode.
  • Improved loading and play of Portal 2.
  • Fixed ‘Add a Character Friend’ behavior in StarCraft 2.
  • Fixed the Perfect World International launcher.
  • Added a ‘steamid’ tag to the CrossTie format. This allows a CrossTie to install and detect games via Steam.

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Sharing levels in Nikki and the Robots 0.4

Download and Upload Nikki Levels!

Video: 0.4 changes [Vimeo | YouTube]

Nikki and the Robots 0.4.0 got released, which you can download here or via in-game updater.

The new features are:

  • New robot: Cannon! It shoots cannon balls that disappear after 10 seconds
  • Players can download and upload levels in the main/editor menus
  • Author name and license agreement added for saving/uploading levels
  • Sounds added for menu, jumping, buttons and batteries
  • Last level switch to be pressed now blinks green
  • Added “transient” switches (won’t stay pressed)

Some news not directly related to the release:

Humble Indie Bundle 3

Once more several indie games have been chosen to be sold as a bundle. At you can choose for yourself how much you would like to spend. You can also chose how the money is split between the developers, the humble bundle inc. and two charity organizations. A clock on the humble-page indicates for how long it is still available, so don’t wait too long, its worth every cent.

Play RIFT on Mac and Linux


You are not in Azeroth anymore! Ever since the March 1, 2011 release of RIFT, Mac and Linux users have secretly wondered if they would be let into the World of Telara. Wonder no more dear Mac and Linux users, CodeWeavers heard your silent cries. And thus, unveils the CrossTie file for all to have. With CrossOver Games 10.1 you too can roam the Planes of Telara with your fellow Windows friends. What side will you pledge your loyalties to-the Guardians or the Defiant? What class will you choose? What role? Could it be that RIFT is the new WOW (World of Warcraft)?

Nikki and the Robots Level Design Contest


Battery Counter In-Game

The indev, cute physics platformer Nikki and the Robots is now of the version 0.3 “Edward” (which is completely open source). Also a level making contest has been started.

Winning designs will be upgraded with great graphics by the game developers and made fit into the game’s main story.

Full versions of the game (once it’s done) and a t-shirt are awaiting winners. The deadline is July 7th 2011.

More info on the contest, including level editor tutorial text & video in this post.

Wineconf 2011 dates and location has been set

Wineconf 2011 will be held in Minneapolis Minnesota this year and hosted by CodeWeavers Inc. If you would like to help support Wineconf 2011 this would be a good time to make a donation to the WPF or purchase a product from Codeweavers.

Below is a copy of the announce e-mail that Jeremy White sent to the Wine Development mailing list.

Hi Folks,

We have made arrangements for this year’s WineConf to happen in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2. Minneapolis is the little known other city of the Twin Cities across the river from our home town, St. Paul. I’ve put some preliminary information up on the Wiki:

We thought that this year it would be fun to stay in downtown Minneapolis, as there is quite a bit to do there.

Further, at that time of year, the weather has a good chance of being beautiful, so it will hopefully be a great time for all. I checked, and only very rarely has it been below freezing on October 1 . (Seriously, it’s usually very nice. Really. Trust me).

If you are interested in WineConf, and have contributed to Wine, but are not sure if you can afford the travel costs, please write to me. The Wine Party Fund is used mostly to defray travel costs these days and we may be able to help.

Note that most further communication will happen on the wineconf mailing list; if you’re interested, you should subscribe.

If you’re coming, please hit the RSVP page:

Hope to see you in Minneapolis!


Naev 0.5.0

Screenshot of Naev 0.5.0

Internet – June 3, 2011 – The Naev devteam is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.0! This release is the result of over a year of hard work done by nearly 30 committers. This release is just a step in the path for ultimate greatness and a major step forward in the maturity of Naev. It has many major gameplay changes and signifies the coming of age of Naev, which has now exceeded the tag of Escape Velocity clone.

Due to the size of the 0.5.0 ndata, downloads shall from now on be hosted at Sourceforge instead of Google Code due to the latter’s arbitrary size limits.The rest of the project infrastructure will remain unchanged.

In the future, a shorter release cycle will be used with focus on the remaining features left before content can be the main focus which include asteroids, dynamic economy and fleet AI among others.

Some statistics of the release to give an idea of the magnitude:
961 files changed, 91734 insertions(+), 25431 deletions(-)


List of changes since 0.4.2:

  • Better visuals
  • Much larger systems and galaxy
  • Mouse interactivity
  • New GUI
  • New tutorial
  • Weapon sets
  • Heat replaces accuracy
  • Lots of new mission, ships and other content

True Combat Elite: News on CQB


At March, 31st 2011 the TCE team released a first alpha version of CQB.

From the original news:

Remember, you still need Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory to play CQB (also found on our downloads page under “TCE”)!

We hope you will enjoy this alpha since it was a long time in the making! Please keep in mind that this is an alpha and that there might be some bugs. Please report any errors/suggestions/feedback on our CQB forum.

Other things to note of this alpha are:

No cross hair
Most realistic iron sight, reflex sight, and scope simulation
Real ballistic tracing including bullet drop
Minimum GPU requirements: Nvidia 6800GT or ATI X800
Win and Linux only
About 300 Megs download (plus W:ET)
Only Bodycount (TDM)
One map
Game is locked to sv_pure 1 and sv_official 1

Since then a variety of patches has been released. At May, 21st they released a new map called Killhouse – reminds me at Modern Warfare :)