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linuX-gamers.net on the way back to the roots

Hello linuX-gamers,

as you may know linuX-gamers.net started as a gaming community page and developed into one of the main news resources about linuX games and gaming on a linuX operating system.

As playing under linuX has become sort of “mainstream” and the flow of real news on linuX-gamers.net is not really present I plan to revert this page back to a Multi-Gaming page and I would like to get your input.

My idea was to make the project as open as possible so when you already have a group of people that play under linuX you could just join linuX-gamers.net and unite with other groups under one hood.

A longterm goal is to organize linuX-LAN-Parties again and to be present on the important exhibitions.

Feel free to comment and discuss.