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CodeWeavers 30% off Winter Solstice Sales on CrossOver Mac and Linux

While the big box stores and shopping malls run black Friday sales, and in recent years many of the online retailers have began to have black Monday sales. Leave it up to the wacky folks at Codeweavers to have a 30% off Winter Solstice Sales on CrossOver Mac and Linux.

Why a Winter Solstice sale you might ask, well you see CodeWeavers has their headquarters in Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota and in Minnesota in the winter you measure snow by the feet and temperatures to the negative. So when the Solstice comes on December 21st, the beginning’s of longer days and warmth are surly on the way. And this is a time of mass celebration on the magnitude of world cup winners, or your favorite team winning the super bowl. In all this mass hysteria a thirty percent off sale was devised so everyone around the world can join in this most festive time of the year.

This sale runs from now until December 20th 2010 and to take advantage of it just use “Solstice2010” as your dealcode in CodeWeavers store at checkout.

Update : You can now use CxForMe and get a 15% discount.

This is a good time to purchase CrossOver not only because you will save 30 percent off the normal retail selling price. And as a bonus to this discount in the next month or so CrossOver 10.0 will be released with many new and exciting features. And if you purchase now you can upgrade to CrossOver Pro or Games 10.0 when it’s released.

This sale is open to anyone who needs to run Windows Applications and Games on Mac, Linux and FreeBSD. So please help spread the word and post about the “Solstice2010” sale on Facebook, your web site, and don’t forget to send a tweet to all your friends and family.

Update 08/03/2011

The “Solstice2010” dealcode has expired and is no longer valid, you can however use “CxForMe” and save 15% off CrossOver Games, Pro or Bundle.

CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver Games 9.2.1

CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver Games 9.2.1; Vows Extensive Personal Testing for Quality Assurance Purposes

SAINT PAUL, Minn. (December 7, 2010) Twelve million addicts, err, players cant be wrong. Theres no doubting the draw of World of Warcraft. And today, as Blizzard rolls out its third, much-anticipated expansion to the game Cataclysm, CodeWeavers ensures that Linux gamers can play right along with their PC and Mac brethren. CodeWeavers Linux customers will be able to run Cataclysm as if they were running on Windows with today’s immediate shipment of CrossOver Games 9.2.1.

CodeWeavers Chief Operating Officer Jon Parshall vowed that testing of the new CrossOver build would be ongoing. All day at his office. All night at his home. Probably until I hit level 85, Parshall stated. Well, to be honest, probably for a while past that. I actually have six level 80s to get to 85, and Im thinking about leveling up a worgen, too, he continued, referring to the new Alliance race of fearsome werewolves. That’s gonna take quite a while, but its all in the name quality assurance.

With the release of Cataclysm, the dreaded dragon Deathwing has returned to Azeroth, ripping asunder and utterly transforming the game world that players have lived in for the past six years, and leaving chaos and destruction in his infernal wake.

Im thinking chaos and destruction is what my wife may visit on me as well for sequestering myself in my mancave for hours at a time, but that’s a price I’m going to have to pay, Parshall added as he grabbed three cans of Red Bull and a bag of All Nighter Cheeseburger Doritos® before disappearing into his basement.

For footage of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm running under Linux…

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